Lyman Orton: Catamount gating |

Lyman Orton: Catamount gating

A vocal minority of homeowners at Catamount Ranch & Club (the golf course area) is agitating to get a "security" gate installed at the entrance. As one of the founders of Catamount, I consider this a slap in the face to the greater Steamboat Springs community and not at all the intent we had in creating the place. We owners specifically directed that Catamount would not be a gated community because of the negative signal that sends. We wanted Catamount to be community-minded and welcoming.

I don't know who these folks are that keep agitating for a gate, but I hope they calm down and learn to enjoy what is one of the safest places in the world to live — Routt County. But I think they know that and use "security" as a code word for letting the rest of us know just how exclusive they are. I know many Catamount residents, and they are great folks who participate in our community. It's sad to see that snobism has arrived in the valley, and I have urged the homeowners association at Catamount to stop this nonsense in its tracks.

The heritage and culture of our valley is neighborliness, friendliness and a welcoming attitude. Gated communities send exactly the opposite signal. Come on, what's there to be so afraid of? Stampeding elk?

Lyman Orton

Steamboat Springs

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