Luke Graham: The curse of Paul Posluszny |

Luke Graham: The curse of Paul Posluszny

Luke Graham

Luke Graham

It's that time of year where I tell you the Buffalo Bills again won't make the playoffs. For the record, the last time my team made the playoffs, I had just gotten my driver's license and the Music City Miracle/forward lateral took place.

But alas, I have some hokey hope. The curse of Paul Posluszny is over. The linebacker left Buffalo this offseason and signed in Jacksonville, Fla.

On Oct. 19, 2008, I bought a Posluszny jersey. Why adult men wear the jerseys of other adult men is beyond me. But I was fired up that Sunday. The Bills had beat the San Diego Chargers, 23-14, to improve to 5-1 on the season.

The pain of being a Bills fan was over! Since the purchase of the jersey, the Bills have galloped to a 12-30 record.

Enjoy the back of my closet, jersey, and enjoy Florida, Mr. Posluszny.

Without further ado, the 2011-12 football picks. Note that I picked Green Bay to win it all last year. Google it.

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AFC East

New England, 13-3

New York Jets, 11-5

Miami, 8-8

Buffalo, 2-14

Overview: No surprises here. The Jets and Patriots battle it out for the top spot, Miami is the definition of mediocre, and I prepare to purchase my Andrew Luck jersey. Bills fans need all the luck we can get.

AFC North

Cleveland, 11-5

Pittsburgh, 10-6

Baltimore, 7-9

Cincinnati, 3-13

Overview: I strangely really like what they're doing in Cleveland. They're my surprise team of the year. I would love Colt McCoy to take the next step. If Pittsburgh runs the ball, they're scary enough to win the division. Cincinnati is years away.

AFC South

Houston, 10-6

Jacksonville, 8-8

Indianapolis, 7-9

Tennessee, 5-12

Overview: Anyone else deathly worried about Peyton Manning's neck? Neck and injury are two words you never want to hear with your star quarterback. I think it'll affect him all season. Houston can score but can't stop anyone. This division is the 2011 nominee for the Judge Smalls division.

AFC West

San Diego, 12-4

Denver, 9-7

Kansas City, 8-8

Oakland, 6-10

Overview: San Diego has the most talent. Denver will be better than most people think, including its own fans. Terrelle Pryor starts in Oakland before the season is done.

NFC East

Philadelphia, 11-5

New York Giants, 9-7

Dallas, 7-9

Washington, 6-10

Overview: Too much talent in Philadelphia to not win the division. Eli Manning is the most overrated quarterback in the league, and Dallas and Washington have done nothing to excite me.

NFC North

Green Bay, 12-4

Detroit, 10-6

Chicago, 8-8

Minnesota, 7-9

Overview: Aaron Rogers will be doing the championship belt taunt all year to the tune of an MVP trophy, and the Lions will make the playoffs if Matt Stafford stays healthy.

NFC South

New Orleans, 11-5

Atlanta, 9-7

Tampa Bay, 8-8

Carolina, 5-11

Overview: Quietly the Saints got much better. Atlanta's getting better, and Tampa is still too young. In Carolina, Cam Newton will go though too many growing pains to have the team compete.

NFC West

St. Louis, 9-7

Arizona, 8-8

Seattle, 7-9

San Francisco, 5-11

Overview: This division is a mess. Go with the best young quarterback in Sam Bradford and the Rams. Somehow Alex Smith is still with the 49ers. Even more inexplicably, he still might start.

AFC Championship game

San Diego 31, New England 17

NFC Championship game

Green Bay 38, New Orleans 21

Super Bowl

San Diego 28, Green Bay 24

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