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Looking back for May 17, 1935: 4-H Club enrolling many girls in Routt County

— The total enrollment of 4-H Club members for the state of Colorado on May 1, 1935, was 2,544. Routt County's quota for this year is 150. On May 13, 98 members had enrolled in clubs sponsored by the home demonstration association in Routt County. Any community that has five girls of about the same age may get in touch with Miss Elliott, home demonstration agent, and she will be glad to help them in forming a club. There are no club fees; girls receive books and instructions free. The work they do is practical and instructive.

4-H Club work helps mothers to solve the problem of teaching their daughters some of the fundamentals of cooking or sewing. All 4-H Club members must be enrolled by June 1.

Annual art exhibit at school evidence of good training

The annual art exhibit of the Steamboat schools held last week gives evidence of fine training and diligence on the part of the pupils. Every room in the grades and the class rooms of the high school had displays of work showing great skill.

The children in the first-grade room exhibited an Indian pueblo as their special project. The art work consisted of original drawings of familiar objects, illustrations of primary stories and cut-out work with combinations of colors.

No hay shipments will be allowed after next Monday

After the ban had been lifted on state shipments of hay from the supposed weevil infected district surrounding Steamboat Springs, the state entomologist early this week cracked down hard and refused to permit further shipments, although hundreds of tons had been purchased and several cars were loaded for transportation.

Upon the intercession of Governor Johnson and Representative Poppen, the ban was raised temporarily to permit shipment of hay that had been baled and was ready for shipment. Monday, the 20th, is the absolute deadline, however, and will be final. Most of the hay that has been purchased can be gotten out by that time. It has been of great advantage to farmers to dispose of their hay at a good price.

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It is said that complaint has been made that the hay was being shipped out of the state, which might cause other states to place a ban on all Colorado hay. The allowance of shipments was only for intrastate use.

The hay being purchased here recently was for the drought districts in the eastern part of Colorado.

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