Live bands can bring life to event, reception |

Live bands can bring life to event, reception

Josh Nichols

Danny Griffith, a member of the local band DNA 318, admitted that disc jockeys are the entertainment of choice for many wedding receptions these days.

But those who like old-time rock and roll — and like it live — can still find flesh-and-blood entertainment locally.

“We’re old classic rock guys,” he said of his group. “We like the Beatles, the Stones and the Byrds.”

For those interested in booking the classic rockers, they should call about two months in advance, Griffith said.

The band plays about 12 wedding gigs a year.

Another local band, which also plays classic rock from the 1960s, is Legacy.

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Band member Peter Epp said his group plays about three or four gigs a year, and said people can call a month ahead of time to book the group.

The group charges $400 for four hours of playing.

He said if people want more than a deejay sitting between stacks of compact discs, they should book a local band.

“With live music, people have some interaction with the people on stage,” he said.

A disc jockey does have its advantages, and can be an appealing way to go for some, Griffith said.

“Certainly they are (appealing) because they can play a wide variety of music, but they lack the live performance,” Griffith said. “You can’t beat live music.”

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