Linda and Dave McIrvin: Respect our bears |

Linda and Dave McIrvin: Respect our bears

Many members of the community and homeowners living in the Sanctuary have gone to great lengths to respect the presence of a mother bear and two cubs in the aspen preserve surrounding the Sanctuary subdivision and trail. We have obtained signs from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and worked with Craig Robinson, of the city of Steamboat Springs, to help secure the safety of our seasonal visitors.

Today on the hiking trail a man from another neighborhood was walking an unleashed dog that began to harass the frightened bears. Warned that the bear had two cubs and asked repeatedly to secure his dog, the man laughed it off and refused to do so.

These bears are in a critical time of obtaining sufficient caloric intake to see them through the winter. Until hibernation time, walkers on the Sanctuary trail should remain aware of the bears' presence and adhere to the trail's leash requirement or at least be able to command/control their dogs. Indifference to posted warnings only places these majestic creatures at risk of having to be destroyed.

Linda and Dave McIrvin

Steamboat Springs

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