Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for May 9 |

Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for May 9

Thank you

An 85th birthday party for Louise Iacovetto was held on April 24 at Ladies Aid Hall in Yampa. A big crowd showed up, and Louise wanted to say thanks to everyone for showing up and for the nice cards.


Esther Lovit was here fresh from a visit to Puerto Rico and Miami. She stopped by the Doak Walker Care Center to visit with everyone here.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob McKune from the Rangely area were in town on business, so they stopped by the Doak to see some friends.

We had a nice Mother's Day buffet here this week, and several people had company. Bettie Pierce had her son and daughter-in-law in here to visit, along with her grandson, Oren, who is on leave from the Marines. Bob, from Craig, also came in to see Bettie this week, too.

Irene Meyers was in visiting with Lila and Rosa DeVault, and Rosa's brother John Sena came to take Rosa to the memorial service for Agnes Miner.

Don Lufkin's daughter and niece were in visiting with him, and Pauline had her daughter in visiting with her. Joanne Lombardi and her niece were in visiting with Phyllis Burrowes this week, and Carol Rickman had family visit her during the weekend. Phyllis Fulton's son was in during the weekend, too.

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Get well

For all those who aren't feeling up to snuff around here, we want them to get better quick.

For everybody here at the Doak who is feeling under the weather, we wish you best of luck, and we hope you get well soon!

Joke of the week

A little boy had a dog, and while they were playing the dog lost its tail. The little boy was hysterical and ran to his mom, asking her what to do.

"Well," his mom said, "we should probably take him to the vet."

"The vet?" the little boy said. "We should take him to Walmart!"

"Why would we take the dog to Walmart?" the mom asked.

"Because I heard they're the best 're-tailer' around!"

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