Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for May 16 |

Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for May 16


Sympathies to family and friends of Genevieve Pietig, who passed away May 7.

Visitors and travels

Students from Strawberry Park Elementary School visited the Doak Walker Care Center on Wednesday for an art project. The students make the art while the residents watched, and then the students gave away their art at the end of the class.

Jim Novak went to New Jersey to visit with family and friends for a little more than a week. Meanwhile, Bettie Pierce's son was in visiting with her Tuesday and the family went out on Mother's Day.

Irene Meyers stopped by for a visit this past week, as did Joanne Lombardi.

Frances Wither's family was in during Mother's Day to help her celebrate, and Phyllis Fulton's son and daughter-in-law were in visiting her.

May Ravenscroft had her granddaughter in to visit with her, and Evelyn Pidcock's sister and niece were in from Yampa visiting with her.

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Nora Hassloff's family was in and she went out for supper with them, and Molly Mahoney was out with her family.

Carol Rickman's family was in the other day to visit her, and on Saturday, we had coffee and donuts in the Primrose room for all the mothers who wanted to be in there.

Doak news

We've all been enjoying the good meals here at the Doak during the past week, and we appreciate all that the cooks have done for us. We also have state inspectors in visiting the Doak this week.

Joke of the week

An old man was heckling the mayor at a town meeting. Finally, the mayor told the heckler, "Sir, please stand up and tell the audience what you have ever done for the good of the city."

"Well Mr. Mayor," the man said loudly, "I voted against you in the last election."

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