Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for Aug. 15 |

Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for Aug. 15


— Thanks to everyone for donations to the weekly bingo games here at the Doak Walker Care Center. We have plenty of stuffed toys, thanks to a recent donation, but we're still looking for any jewelry people are willing to donate as prizes. Thanks so much!


Gerry Hinkle has been having visits from her daughter on a regular basis, and Jim Novak has been in to see Lila frequently.

Phyllis Burrowes' family has all been in visiting her this past week. They were all on a vacation down at Lake Powell, but the wind was so strong they couldn't get on their houseboat!

Phyllis Fulton's family has been in seeing her, and Frances Wither's family has been in about every day to chat with her.

Clarice Reid's son had the misfortune to blow out his knee. We wish him luck in the recovery!

Darlene Cantrell's family is in all the time visiting with her. Joanne Cannon's daughter brought in food for the table earlier this week, and Jim Novak brought in food Sunday. Thanks so much for their kindness!

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Grace Dubendorf's son and daughter have been in to see her, and Don Lufkin's nephew Doug was in visiting with him.

It was good to see all of the visitors here at the Doak! Come back soon!

Joke of the week

A woman was arrested for shoplifting a can of peaches at a supermarket.

She stood before the judge and admitted her crime. The judge asked how many peaches were in the can. Six peaches, she said.

"Then it seems fitting that you should spend six days in jail," he said.

But before he could lower his gavel, the woman's husband popped up and said, "But your honor! She stole a can of peas too!"

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