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Omit ‘under God’

I was 15 years old when the government required the words “under God” be included in the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

At that time, the reason given for inserting those words in the pledge was that we were fighting communism (although even then I thought it strange that in order to fight totalitarianism we had to force religious beliefs on American citizens). History has undermined the original purpose for “under God.” Communism is gone, so there is no more need to fight the “God-less communists.”

In the new war against terrorism, all of the factions (Jews, Christians, Muslims) agree that they worship the same God, so the phrase has lost its utilitarian rationale.

Whatever religious utility the phrase encourages is not the legitimate concern of the state. Because “under God” performs no useful political function and alienates a small minority of non-theists, the logical choice would be to get rid of it. The Pledge of Allegiance would still be meaningful without these words, as it was when I was young.

Robert P. Baker

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Vote on contract

I have been reading several books lately on the American Revolution. There is a striking similarity between the chamber and the City Council and George III. He also didn’t listen to the colonists (read-locals). It was all about money for England. Remember “taxation without representation”?

Kathy Connell says it’s only a “small majority” (whatever that means) that opposes Triple Crown. And the chamber will pick up the entire $100,000 sponsorship fee for Triple Crown. Well, even though the City Council’s name isn’t on the fee, it still comes out of our pockets! Shakespeare said it, “a rose by any other name is still a rose.”

Council says we need more summer revenues coming in. It’s too bad that wasn’t considered when the condo forest thickened at the ski area base which, along with the monster hotel, caused the end of the vintage races, and when the cutting horse people were so insulted they haven’t returned.

Let’s just see what the “small majority” really feels about Triple Crown and put it to a vote.

Betty Leipold

Steamboat Springs

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