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Thanks, Steamboat

Webster’s Dictionary defines community as a unified body of individuals. Last Sunday, as a volunteer with the Steamboat Marathon, half-marathon and 10K, I would say the people of Steamboat Springs define community.

Thanks again to all who helped make the 21st annual Steamboat Marathon a great success. From our neighbors in North Routt, who endure a 26-mile road race along Elk River Road, to the local law enforcement who ensures runner and volunteer safety, the city of Steamboat Springs whose staff goes above and beyond for the event, and to Routt County officials who graciously turn off the sprinklers on the courthouse lawn (among many other details) to help pull off a terrific event. Of course the marathon weekend couldn’t happen without our sponsors and the 500-plus volunteers who donate their time to make the event a winner.

Admittedly, the Kudos are still coming in via e-mail from runners throughout the country and I wanted to share some of the comments publicly.

“We, the group from Atlanta, had a fabulous time in your fine town once again. Thank you for your warm hospitality and a wonderful event. We will be back next year.”

“My wife and I ran the Steamboat 1/2 marathon for the first time on Sunday. We had a great time! You all did a great job organizing this event. We also had a chance to walk part of the Yampa River trail and check out the botanic gardens. Again, you all have done a great job with the trail and gardens. We have been to Steamboat five or six times in the past five years, mostly in fall and winter. We will be back.”

“Thanks for all your help. We really appreciated your ‘can-do’ attitude and we had a great 1/2 marathon.”

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“Hi, just wanted to thank you for a great marathon. I did make it in, but not last.”

“First, thank you for an incredibly well-organized race. The wet towel and delicious sandwiches were terrific additions to a fabulous race.”

“You all did a wonderful job of making it a very enjoyable event the friendly atmosphere and wonderful volunteers are the icing on the cake. I enjoyed myself immensely!”

Again, on behalf of the Steamboat Marathon committee and race director Paul Sachs, thanks to the community of Steamboat Springs for its positive spirit, smiles and gracious hospitality. Finally, congratulations to the 2,000-plus delightful runners who put one foot in front of the other on a warm June morning. Hope to see you next year.

Kim Mitchell

Steamboat Springs

Come out and vote

About electricity and the YVEA annual meeting:

As an old-time resident and very young recipient (who burned circles in her and after being told not to touch the burner of our new electric stove), I have great concern about those of us that take electricity for granted.

I believe, after attending many Yampa Valley Electric Association annual meetings, that most of the members do not vote for the people who are running for the positions of board of directors. Nor do members appear to have interest in finding out the issues that may be threatening their use and cost of electricity.

Oh yes, they are interested in increasing cost of power, and the cost of obtaining that power to their homes and businesses, but they do not know why the increases may occur. Or even more important, where their electricity comes from.

Possibly, many of the members think that their rebate checks, which they receive are the result of being overcharged and wonder where the rest of it is.

So, am I to believe that the information mailed to them, to educate and inform them is tossed in the trash?

What I would truly like to see is more members at the annual meeting of the Yampa Valley Electric Association coming up Saturday.

I would also appreciate people showing interest in their own interests and voting in the upcoming election, which takes place during that annual meeting. Yes, that means if you trashed your ballot, you can still vote in person on Saturday at the Hayden High School auditorium. The annual meeting starts promptly at 10 a.m. Registration doors open at 9 a.m.

Besides, it’s fun! You meet your neighbors of all of Routt County, Moffat County and those across the border in Wyoming. Many bring entire families of three and four generations. Those who before the 1940s did not take electricity for granted, because they did not have electricity.

There are door prizes, most of which relate to electricity. You may meet your elected officials. You walk across the street after the meeting from the high school auditorium to the Hayden Town Park and enjoy a super picnic with other members and their families.

More members in attendance would make the odds increase on a certain gentleman who usually walks off with a fancy hair dryer, hair curler or some electrical item that would light up a lady’s eyes. He has never won an electric drill, saw or some item that would light up a gentleman’s eyes.

Come, join us oldsters who really appreciate the fact that if we have an outage, the lineman will be there to fix the problem. Some people are so grateful, (because they live at the very end of the line) that when heavy snow, wind and ice take the power out, there are cinnamon rolls, hot coffee or hot chocolate and lots of gratitude to meet them.

And on continuing assistance often a nice letter to the board of directors to advise them of appreciation of those linemen. Please vote and attend the annual meeting.

Jo Semotan

Steamboat Springs

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