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Thanks, participants

Hillside Village Apartments would like to thank those who participated in the United Way Day of Caring.

On May 15, we had more than 30 people working at Hillside Village Apartments on landscaping, painting and cleaning projects. Wells Fargo Bank, Vectra Bank of Colorado, TIC and Northwest Colorado Legal Services donated their employees’ time to work at the apartments for the Day of Caring. We were able to complete projects we did not have the time or the budget to complete.

Hillside Village Apartments is owned by the Regional Affordable Living Foundation and is a nonprofit organization that provides safe, affordable housing to the community of Steamboat Springs. Our rents are based on income. Projects such as the United Way Day of Caring help to keep our rents affordable to those in need.

We truly appreciate the businesses that donated their employees and the employees themselves for the hard work they put in at our complex. We would also like to thank Millie Beall for organizing this event.

Thank you to everyone who participated for your involvement in our community.

Heidi Nunnikhoven

Manager, Hillside Village Apartments

No challenge

The comment of Ken Brenner quoted in your May 18 issue (of Steamboat Today) cannot go unchallenged. That quote regarding participants in the Steamboat 2002 Community Survey was, “We are including a group in the decision-making process that doesn’t live here, that are not registered voters. It is expanding the scope of government to a whole new level. I can’t even comprehend why this is a part of our decision-making process. Registered voters to me are the group of people we want to poll to find out how they feel about the community.”

My wife and I have lived in Routt County for 14 years. We own a lot, building and business on Seventh Street known as Off The Beaten Path. We employ 30 full-time and part-time employees. Including salaries, services, supplies and other items, we put about $500,000 into the local Steamboat economy last year. Our contributions, cash and products, to local charities and events varies but has exceeded $10,000 in a year. We have both held positions of responsibility in several local organizations.

It is obvious, therefore, that we have an intense interest in the community. It is obvious that we are a part of this community.

However, we live three miles outside of the city limits. It is frustrating to not be able to vote even though our investment in the city far exceeds our investment in the county, but we understand that.

Surveys are not votes and they are not the decision-making process. They may serve to mold and shape opinion, but just as often they may be dismissed and ignored by elected representatives. We believe it would be very shortsighted to not solicit the input of people such as ourselves whenever a “community” survey is conducted. Our community’s influence goes far beyond the city limits and, in turn, forces outside the city limits influence our community.

Attitudes such as those expressed by Mr. Brenner are parochial, arrogant and insolent.

Dick Ryan

Steamboat Springs

Attend summit

Based on recent letters to the editor, it appears that Steamboat residents are divided over the future of Steamboat, summer tourism and how growth should be controlled. It is time for concerned residents to step forward and meet face to face, regardless of their views. This can best be accomplished by attending the 2002 Economic Summit scheduled for May 29 and 30 at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort. This annual event provides a perfect opportunity for residents to enter into constructive dialogue.

We cannot continue to “sound off” with letters to the editor unless we are well informed and understand the economics of the real world. We all desire a perfect paradise, a community free of the problems of the real world. Surprisingly, Steamboat comes very close to being that perfect paradise. Somehow we must find common ground where both sides can reach agreement on what is best for the community.

Let’s not continue down this destructive path of petty name calling and finger pointing for problems that are perceived to be the fault of the “greedy ranks” of those who are accused of ruining this town and valley that we all love so much.

Keith Skytta

Steamboat Springs