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Lenny Herzog: Disagree with Douglas

I like reading Rob Douglas's columns. We share a similar philosophy on most topics. However, I was led to wonder about his latest column "Who's driving city policy?"

I have no doubt that there may be some legitimate reasons for being disgruntled with the performance of current city manager Deb Hinsvark. 

The matter of a new public safety building has certainly been a sticking point for Hinsvark. It is a wonder why Hinsvark so adamantly has pursued this undertaking other than there having been a demonstrated need for such a facility.

Douglas seems to have insinuated that Hinsvark should be checking in with council before pursuing all "potential" matters of policy and projects. To explore or negotiate possible scenarios only after bringing such concepts before a public council would seem like a very micro-managed, inefficient and unproductive process.

I did not appreciate all of the petty personnel matters of Jon Roberts being posted across the sky, and I don't think that a public employee can perform optimally under these conditions.

I do not profess to know how to run a large organization or a city government. I do know that if I asked my employees to check with me before looking into all potential matters associated with their job I would be looking for less qualified help.

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