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Lacrosse terms


A call given by the goalie to tell each defender to find his man and call out his number.


A face-off maneuver executed by quickly pushing the back of the stick on top of the ball in an attempt to gain possession.


Running or passing the ball from the defensive half of the field to the offensive half of the field.

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A technique for keeping control of the ball in the stick pocket when running up the field.


A circle around the goal with a radius of 9 feet into which only defensive players may enter. Defensive players may not take the ball into the crease.


The long stick that players use to throw, catch and carry the ball. It can be made out of wood, plastic or fiberglass with a head and pocket made of leather or nylon.

Crosse checking

Controlled stick-to-stick contact in an attempt to dislodge the ball from the crosse.


This is a player who is defending his team’s goal who may go into and stay in the crease when 1) their team is in possession of the ball and 2) their team’s goalkeeper is outside of the crease.

Poke check

When a defensive player jabs his stick at the hands of an offensive player who has the ball with the objective of knocking the ball loose.


A face-off move in which a player sweeps the ball to the side in an attempt to gain possession.

Wrap check

When a defender's stick is swung over the head of a ballcarrier or around a ballcarrier’s body.

Source: US Lacrosse

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