Kevin Copeland: ‘We the people’ applaud |

Kevin Copeland: ‘We the people’ applaud

Kevin Copeland

Jeff Peters had one thing right in his letter to the editor ("We the people," March 26 Steamboat Today): "Sheriff Garrett Wiggins was elected to enforce the enacted laws of the land." I along with the majority of Routt, Moffat, Rio Blanco and Grand county citizens, applaud his and the respective sheriff's offices’ decisions to do just that.

The Second Amendment, giving the right to bear arms, was adopted Dec. 15, 1791 — 222 years ago. On the other hand, may I point out that a mere five months ago, Diane Mitsch Bush was elected to represent House District 26. She also was entrusted with protecting our rights and the laws of the land.

But with her help, the current Colorado Legislature shoved down our throats and passed several feel-good, knee-jerk gun laws. So it can be said that she is one of several who failed to do what they were elected for.

I would suggest to Mr. Peters and others critical of Sheriff Wiggins to not waste their time mulling over a recall petition for our sheriff. Instead, you should be worried about saving your own candidates in the next election. We the people are just waiting to vote.

Kevin Copeland

Routt County

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