Kevin Copeland: Our side of mountain |

Kevin Copeland: Our side of mountain

Some people never cease to amaze us. These are the individuals "out there" who think that the lights come on with the flip of a switch and that hairdryers and electric razors work when plugged in. They take microwaves and refrigerators for granted, and that heating and air conditioning is waiting in the wings to make them more comfortable. They assume the materials and labor that built the homes and buildings in which they live and work were always in place.

They think the groceries on the table that nourish them are acquired from the store, and that after a short wait, hot delicious meals appear at the drive-in or favorite eating establishment, with cold ice cream for dessert. They think fuel flows from the pump at the convenience store, and that law enforcement, fire protection, medical facilities and local government all just function as designed and available when needed.

Oh, lest we forget, the computers they use to condemn the energy sources that enable them to criticize while they live and enjoy life in the Yampa Valley. The same energy sources, I may add, that helped and continue to build this great nation.

These people are sadly mistaken to think that emerging countries care that some individuals in temporary positions of power at the moment here in Colorado want to set an example for the rest of the world. Go no further than the California experiment and their shambled economy to see an example.

Until depleted, fossil fuels will be used to inexpensively provide the world's energy needs. Doesn't it make more sense to develop cleaner technology utilizing our existing infrastructures and abundant natural resources? It's a clear choice: Use it cleanly here, or ship it overseas. They'll gladly burn it, upwind from us.

So, people, tell us what alternative fuel sources at our immediate disposal are cheaper and more abundant than what we currently utilize?

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Hydro? I guess we could dam the Yampa, but where should we put the dam? Not in my backyard, you say?

Solar? A great idea but prohibitive in costs. I know. I've lived off-grid and have used it since 1981.

Wind? We know the only constant breezes in the valley come from hot air.

I suspect these individuals moved here when they realized what we have and now want to close the gate and dictate to we locals what they think is best.

It is frequently quoted in the media that, through polling, the majority of Coloradans favor the green platforms of the past two administrations in regards to renewable energy. I dare these polls to ever venture over here and ask the majority of Western Slope citizens what we think of Front Range political solutions and their condescending attitudes toward our side of the mountain.

Let's vote them out. They can go help California.

Kevin Copeland

Routt County

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