Ken Collins: What would He think? |

Ken Collins: What would He think?

Ken Collins

I've lived in Colorado most of my life. It is truly beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful of all the states. But all 50 have their great landscapes. And whatever you believe, God and/or natural science has done a great job. Whether it's 6,000 or 6 billion years old, America is special. 

I know the GOP candidates for president would agree. And when asked, half believe in creationism. Either way, Mother Earth is sacred. Yet when asked another question, all of them are ready, as president, to trash the Clean Air and Water Acts, drill everywhere there might be oil or gas even in delicate areas or National Parks, increase the burning of coal (there is no such thing as clean coal), lower the regulations on environmental protection and even eliminate the EPA. Some are saying we should eliminate alternative energy incentives as well. 

Apparently, they want the U.S. to return to the '50s environmentally. This from the people who believe God made America the beautiful land it is. So I wonder, WWGT — "What Would God Think?"

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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