Ken Collins: We always respond |

Ken Collins: We always respond

After the first couple, they came home by foot. After the next few, it was by foot and train and maybe by horse. Then, they came home by train, mostly. And for a while, it was by boat and train. Now it is almost totally by plane.

It has been millions, literally, of Americans who have returned from war. Most have survived. Many have not. Physical, emotional and mental tolls have been taken. And then there are the many — way too many — that have given that "last full measure," a grand term that euphemizes the sacrifice. But because those sacrifices have been made, we are a people that much of the world looks to in time of need. We are a people who can disagree or agree with what we stand for and try to make things right without fear.

There always will be those who hate us, but the majority will respect us. It is not an easy thing to go to war, but it is sometimes necessary. Americans always have responded. This week, we honor those who have. I, personally, hope for the day, somewhere long down the road, when we no longer have veterans because we no longer have wars.

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