Ken Collins: Scared GOP |

Ken Collins: Scared GOP

Following through on the promise to try to grind the health care bill to a halt, the GOP has begun introducing amendments to the next bill being sent through Congress meant to clean up some of the messiness of last Sunday's bill. They can't, by law, filibuster, and arguments are limited to 20 hours, so they will attempt to load it up with ridiculous amendments.

Two are: not allowing Viagra to be given to sex offenders, and all Congressmen go on Medicare. These are examples of the Grand Old Party's way of stopping Washington and health care reform, delaying progress on many other issues. After reading, finally, what the bill means for them, most people will find that there are at least a few things that will improve their lives and coverage.

And that is what the GOP is afraid of — people finding out the Beck/Palin/FOX fear-mongering is false. The more contentious items are mostly years down the road in taking effect. So there is plenty of time to get together and act like adults and amend what needs it. That, apparently, is too much to ask of the GOP. It took more than a year to get this done. Is America really ready to start all over again? All big changes to our way of life take years to take effect. That's the whole idea. Many of the things slated for 2014 and beyond probably will be tweaked and bettered. But by acting like adults, that would be admitting that Barack Obama did something that no president including the Republican Teddy Roosevelt has been able to do. And that scares the GOP much more than health care reform. 

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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