Ken Collins: Obama track record |

Ken Collins: Obama track record

Not a single GOP hopeful gave a nod to President Barack Obama and his Libyan policy. Fox News and friends could only pick at it for taking so long. Six months, but not a single American hurt. About $1 billion in cost for a favorable outcome. I guess they prefer the $4 billion a month and 4,000-plus American deaths that President George W. Bush got us into. 

Fox News even found a retired general who said if Obama had done it right, six weeks would have been enough. Where did we hear that before? Oh yeah, Dick Cheney, of such a long and distinguished military career, said six weeks and we'd be greeted as liberators in Baghdad. 

Obama has changed the way the U.S. will deal with international strife. A true coalition that does not leave us "owning" a country. He helped NATO and Europe. It could not have been done without America's air support and no soldier was in harm's way. 

Obama is getting quite a track record in foreign affairs. His hands-off policy in Egypt and his Libyan tactic and the present Syrian call-down are a far cry from what Bush, Bachmann, Palin, McCain and so many "hawks" have been hawking. There are no grieving military families in this conflict and no body bags secreted back home. The GOP used to claim that it was the party of foreign affairs, but Obama has taken that mantle from them. 

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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