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Ken Collins: Global climate change

Ken Collins

The USA Pro Challenge was great for the area. Great turnout and great music. A lot of energy. There will be gripes for the closures, but most will agree it was worth it.

And The Steamboat Institute had its annual primer on freedom. I did not attend, but I'm sure lots of information was shared about freedom, capitalism, rights and guns. I'm sure, knowing the slant of the Cheneys, there was a bit of Obama bashing, which is their right, by the Constitution, if maybe not by their record. But that's fine. The president is a big boy.

What I'd like all the folks in all of Routt County to now look into is something more far reaching, more important, much more thought provoking than anything said at the Freedom Conference. It is not political. It is economical, though, and environmental and literally about our survival.

I have a friend who worked on a project for four years that has been made into a film. That film is "Chasing Ice" and can be found on Netflix. A little longer than an hour, it has the effect of a slug to the stomach. I know some folks still are "skeptical," a euphemism, about humans' contribution to global climate change.

There are those who seem to think if we belch billions of tons of toxic gases into the atmosphere every year, which never goes away, it won't be a bad thing. I can't help wonder if they also think smoking has no ill effect on our lungs. After all, isn't the atmosphere the Earth's lung?

"Chasing Ice" documents a five-year work by glaciologists, scientists, photographers and a few concerned individuals who wanted to document what is happening to the world's glaciers. Filmed in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Montana, using 25 cameras clicking once per hour every day for four years, they present a conclusion that only the truly foolhardy could dispute.

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I especially would invite the deniers to see this. And if they can please refrain from any Photoshop nonsense, I think that most would at least be less sure of their disbelief. And for any comment of "just another cycle," keep in mind geological cycles involve many thousands of years, and this "cycle" is happening in less than 50 years.

For the believers of science, it is worth the watch, but I warn about the last several minutes when it all comes together. It's not pretty. It's disturbing. It's a must-see. Well done by passionate professionals who care enough to go through very tough situations to show what they feared. Only problem is, it's even worse. 

Ken Collins


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