Ken Collins: DC is disconnected |

Ken Collins: DC is disconnected

Ken Collins, Oak Creek

— "Democracy is a lousy form of government. It just happens to be the best one available."

Sounds like Mark Twain or maybe Will Rogers. Regardless, it's true. And the present-day American democracy is getting worse all the time. Majority rule is no longer the case. The GOP is holding democracy hostage and has since January 2008. Yes, the Democrats held up some of President Bush's tries. Remember the privatization of Social Security? Think how much worse we'd be today if they'd let that through.

But this GOP has had, as Jon Stewart called it, "the audacity of nope." They have even said publicly, for the first time in history, their main goal is to make Obama a one-term president. Not jobs, not security, not the economy or education. Their new Plan for America was "nothing really different from what we've always done." This from the party that mostly, not totally, got us in this mess.

One GOP senator from Arizona is holding up a very important START treaty with Russia that threatens our very ability to deal with nuclear arms.

John McCain is almost single-handedly holding up the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," against the majority of Americans and the armed forces. But then, he introduced Sarah Palin to us, and he's been downhill ever since.

There is more power in the minority than the majority. This is not what our founding fathers planned. Filibuster is not in the constitution.

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There still are appointees being held up for no reason than simply to do it. It has been bad in Washington, D.C., for about 25 years, but it is getting exponentially worse. D.C. has come to mean Dis-Connected. After trying for more than 100 years to get a national health care plan passed, the GOP wants to throw this one out. Not amend and edit it, but throw it out and start over when they have the White House or Congress.

Does anybody really see any chance for improvement in bipartisanship? The country is in trouble and the parties are drifting further apart. The Dems refuse to see problems and the GOP refuses to do anything about them. A very bad combo for Americans. George, TJ, the Adamses, Abe and Teddy R. are rolling in their graves. 

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