Ken Collins: Ad was insensitive |

Ken Collins: Ad was insensitive

Ken Collins

— Easter. A time of re-affirmation of faith, a new beginning, a rising of goodwill. That's why I was shocked and offended when I saw the advertisement in the Steamboat Today last week. When it reappeared in Saturday's issue, I was saddened. I guess I assumed there would be enough negative feedback or at least some retrospection that would have kept the ad from publication again.

In a town with so many attempted and successful suicides, I find a body hanging from a tree extremely insensitive. Are there no better ways to reach out to those in despair? Do we stoop to ghoulish means for those in need to seek help? At a time of light for Christians, we get darkness. To go to the always appropriate "WWJD?" — we know he would not do that.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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