Ken Collins: 1 side of the argument |

Ken Collins: 1 side of the argument

Freedom. Can't live without it. So we have a conference every fall to reinforce it. The Steamboat Institute brings it to us. What a privilege we have in that respect, and another sterling set of speakers, too. 

In a time of almost unprecedented partisanship, we will be able to enjoy one of the most polarizing people to walk the Earth (but still behind last year's Freedom Conference keynote speaker Ann Coulter) in the person of Dick Cheney. To paraphrase him: We'll be greeted as liberators in the streets of Baghdad; the Iraq war will probably last a couple of months; America doesn't need to know what was discussed by the Energy Task Force. 

Cheney is a man many people — and not just those on the far left — consider evil. We are paying big time for his war efforts, his energy policies, his "Reefer Madness" security policies, his Halliburton decisions in America and Iraq as a top policy maker, and many other miscalculations he's made during his long inglorious career in politics and business. When he opened his mouth, chances are that he was wrong or people would die or both. And he is coming to Steamboat Springs this summer to tell us like it is. That's his right. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution say so. Of course, his interpretations of both have often bordered on the absurd. The Steamboat Institute has a way of bringing one side of the argument. I guess Bill Maher, Michael Moore and Rachel Maddow were too busy. If that man is your guiding light on where America should go, then God, please, bless America.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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