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Ken Brenner: Building appreciation

Ken Brenner

As the elected trustee for Routt County and on behalf of the Steamboat Springs community, I want to thank the Colorado Mountain College system for the new academic and student center at the Alpine Campus. It is a magnificent addition to the college system and may just be the coolest building in the city. We appreciate past trustees who decided to invest in the school's infrastructure, providing jobs while saving money in a tough economy. The new 60,000-square-foot structure is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and community facilities. Just as important, the construction was done without any debt for the school system. This is an example of the commitment and investment Colorado Mountain College has made to its partnership with Steamboat Springs and the surrounding area.

Walter Isaacson recently attended his grand opening of the Isaacson School of New Media in Aspen. In his speech, he reminded us that a school is more than just a place to achieve an understanding of science, mathematics and logic. It also should encourage a love of art, music, dance and theater. But he argued that the greatest of scholars bring one other quality that defines achievement: curiosity. He used Einstein's obsession with a compass that he carried in his pocket, regularly holding it in his hand and wondering why the needle would vibrate and point north. This curiosity led to his understanding of electromagnetic waves. The new building will be a home for scholars and curious minds.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to tour the new building, you are in for a treat. It not only is efficiently designed and properly appointed, but the view is awesome. Those who have visited know what I mean when I say it is the new "place to be seen." Come on up and join us for a meal on the balcony. The panorama from the third-floor culinary school, restaurant and meeting room cannot be equaled. Dr. Peter Perhac, head of the Alpine Campus, and everyone else who helped with the design and construction of our new building deserve a special thank you.

Finally, I want to invite all who are interested to participate in a long-term strategic plan process. As Colorado Mountain College continues to evolve into a world-class education institution, the trustees want to know what we can do to better to meet the education and employment needs of mountain communities in Northwest Colorado. What do you like best about the school system today? How can the school partner with our cities and towns to work together more effectively? We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Ken Brenner

Colorado Mountain College trustee

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