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Katie Seifert: A wonderful visit to Steamboat

Katie Seifert, Spring, Texas

I have just returned from a week in your gentle care. In all my travels, I have never experienced a more consistent commitment to helping visitors experience their highest joy, their broadest experience, their deepest meaning. So I envision daily meetings where each and every merchant practices the fine art of hospitable enabling. How else to explain the flawless execution (no exceptions)? In that entire week, I never once met anyone who wasn't eager to enter into my reason for being there and to make that seem not only like an important focus for them but somehow their only focus. You sweet folks rock!

It is important to acknowledge a few very special players in this remarkable saga: Our first morning, my friends and I took what was possibly the last balloon ride of the season. Pilot Ian and his crew were awesome. The view was amazing and the young woman who joined us was a gem. If you have not already met Elizabeth Bateman, you should. She is a walking billboard for every establishment worth seeing. She has a charm and intelligence about her, and one can only wonder why you wouldn't offer her a generous stipend to continue doing what she does so beautifully, i.e. sing your praises.

Next, we met Laura Loo Mabey at the Rio Grande Mexican restaurant. The food was great, but Laura Loo made the event.

Finally, we met Lucky and Kim, who love to dance at Ghost Ranch Saloon. What a treat. If I was inclined to be cynical, I would be certain they were all actors, well placed to draw us in. I prefer to think there still are good sweet folks such as these who simply love who they are and where they are. and who generously welcome strangers.

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