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Kathryn Sullivan: Wait for facts

I am writing in response to the article “Local woman dies in rollover” (Steamboat Today, Oct. 18). The life and achievements of a longtime resident of Steamboat Springs went unnoticed in the author’s rush to sensationalize her death.

Did it occur to the author to discover that Nancy Nelson was a loving wife and mother who had made her home in Steamboat Springs for almost two decades? Or that she was deeply mourned, not only by her husband and two children, but also by her mother, six sisters and brothers and innumerable other family members and friends?

The author was quick to theorize on Nancy’s driving speed and whether alcohol might have been involved, then had to admit that these issues were unconfirmed and would not be known until later in the week.

Would it have been that hard to wait until the facts were, indeed, facts, before hypothesizing, allowing Nancy’s family and friends to gather with her husband and children to celebrate her life and mourn her untimely loss in peace?

It doesn’t seem to me to be too much to ask, and I hope you will consider carefully the next time you need to report on a tragic accident in Steamboat Springs. Wait until you have substantiated facts before printing them in your paper.

Kathryn Sullivan

Portsmouth, N.H.