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Karen Vail: Thank you for honesty

Thank you to the Connell paving crew working on East Maple Street on Wednesday for their honesty and helpfulness. I received a call from the Police Department on Wednesday morning asking if I had lost my wallet. I checked my truck and, sure enough, my pack with my wallet, credit cards and checkbooks was missing. While the Connell crew was paving the road, they had seen something in a culvert and found two wallets and my pack of credit cards and turned it in to the police immediately.

Not only that, but when I came home later that day, I talked with them about whether they had seen any checkbooks, which they had not. But Seth, from the paving crew, helped me look in the culverts. As I was looking around my house one of the guys got a call on his radio that they had found my pack down the road with my checkbooks in it.  The person who stole my things will have some bad karma coming their way, but the Connell crew just built up a lot of good karma and many kudos from me.

We have some great people in this community!

Karen Vail

Steamboat Springs

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