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Junior Livestock Sale marketing committee: Fair coming up

The Routt County Fair and Junior Livestock Sale at the Routt County Fairgrounds is just around the corner. The Junior Livestock Sale is Aug. 18 and starts with the barbecue at 3:30 p.m. The livestock sale is a great opportunity for businesses, individuals and groups to show their support of youths and agriculture in this county.

When you purchase an animal at the livestock sale, you will receive a high-quality product and are giving financial aid to Routt County's youths. It is estimated that more than 80 percent of the money earned from the Junior Livestock Sale is put toward higher education or building future livestock enterprises. By purchasing, you are investing in the future of our Routt County youths and their endeavors in agriculture.

The animals you purchase are high-quality 4-H and FAA beef, lamb, goat and pork. They meet or exceed the quality of meat you buy in the store, and you can be assured you will get a quality product. Furthermore, you decide how you want your meat processed — how many servings per package, thickness of the steaks, etc. The Livestock Sale is conducted in an auction format, with each child showing his or her animal while bidding is taking place. It is completely hassle-free for the buyer — you simply pay for your animal that night or choose the billing option and pick a processing plant. The animal will be picked up the next day by the processing plant, and all you have to do is call to specify your needs for cutting and delivery.

Most commonly, people use their purchases for home consumption, but others give the meat as gifts to friends or business associates. Some people buy with a group of friends or partner with a business associate and divide the meat. If you want to support the sale but do not want the meat, at the time of purchase you can donate the animal back to various 4-H groups. The animal is then resold with the proceeds going to the group of your choice. There is also a buy-back program available. In the past, buyers have donated meat to organizations such as the Senior Citizens Center, The Haven, Horizons Specialized Services, Advocates Building Peaceful Communities and the LIFT-UP of Routt County food bank. Last year we had some supportive businessmen who raised the floor price on all livestock, which helped all kids who sold an animal. If you cannot make the sale but would like to bid on an animal, we can help with that.

Although we are very fortunate to have outstanding supporters of youths and agriculture in our community who have purchased at the Junior Livestock Sale for many consecutive years, we are still in desperate need of more support. In the past few years, the average price for an animal at the Routt County Livestock Sale has been significantly lower than in neighboring counties. Each member who shows an animal has a great deal of time and money invested in his or her project. This includes animal purchase price, feed, veterinary expenses and supplies. Some kids have had to make the decision to not have an animal, as they were unable to make any money after their expenses. This is an unfortunate reality for not only Routt County youths, but for the future of agriculture.

Won't you help make a difference this year? We need your support at the Junior Livestock Sale. If you have questions, call 970-879-0825.

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