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Judy Duncan: Post office merger

Hopefully the new post office restructuring is convenient to the post office. A few suggestions that might be more convenient to the customers/residents of Steamboat Springs and vicinity, who pay for the privilege of picking up their mail, would be the following:

■ Place a mailbox outside the old post office at Sundance Plaza next to the UPS and FedEx boxes so customers can drop off their mail.

■ Place the current drop-off mailbox outside the post office parking lot so that customers who only want to mail a letter can drive through without going through the hassle of the one-way, no-left-turn fiasco. Perhaps off-site somewhere in town so customers wouldn't have to deal with the Third Street intersection.

■ Next would be to keep the back door of the post office open all the time, but if that is not legally possible, just during the construction process would be helpful.

Of course, if everyone picked up their mail between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., most of this confusion would be eliminated. Why is it that it appears whatever is good for the post office should work for all their customers. A visitor to town once asked me why there was so much traffic at the Third Street intersection, and I explained that we don't have mail delivery in Steamboat, and everyone has to pick up their own mail. He was flabbergasted.

Judy Duncan

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