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Judy Duncan: Allow the choice

I am extremely thankful that Bibles are being put in the schools. I am upset that people complain. It seems that with Columbine and all the shootings in the world, everyone would want to see a positive influence in our schools. Even if you don’t believe the Bible (which I do), if everyone lived by its principles, it would make this world a much safer and loving place.

If my child was saved because a would-be assassin happened to receive a testament and read something that gave more meaning to his life than killing, I would be forever grateful. I have heard so many stories of people who, in the depths of despair, opened a Bible and their lives were turned around. Many stories were of those considering suicide.

Our nation was founded on religious freedom. However, the trend now seems to be to allow anything but religion. Just receiving a Bible is no threat. Because the students had to ask or pick it up themselves, then perhaps there is an unknown need or curiosity in their lives — and their parents one day might be grateful for that opportunity.

To complain about other things that might be allowed, I would say that is where a relationship with your child is important. I know of many things with which I disagree that are allowed in schools. However, that is where communicating with your children and teaching them right from wrong is critical. I would challenge every parent who is upset about the New Testament to get it and read it with his or her child and determine together whether it is harmful.

Judy Duncan

Steamboat Springs

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