John Weibel: What the frack! |

John Weibel: What the frack!

The biggest problem I see with fracking is the disposal of the process' waste water. One-third of the injected water returns to the surface, as do most of the chemicals. The "proper" disposal of this water mixture is an evaporation pond. They cannot build these ponds fast enough to dispose of the fracking fluids.  

In order to expedite the evaporation of this water, they use water cannons to spray a mist of water into the air. The problem is that they also have put those top secret fracking chemicals into the atmosphere and eventually back into our watershed and foodshed.

At some point, we need to start holding the current paradigm accountable. Those who are spaying toxins into the environment need to pay for the harm done to others' private property. I can think of no other industry that is able to dispose of its waste like this.

John Weibel

Steamboat Springs

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