John Weibel: Ag vs. commercial |

John Weibel: Ag vs. commercial

John Weibel

Unfortunately, it seems that the paper misrepresents what I am after ("Board enforces building code," Jan. 30 Steamboat Today). 

I was not seeking revision to the building codes. I was seeking the definition of the processing of farm products on farm as an agricultural use, as it seems to be in most regions of the country. In addition, I was seeking that anyone seeking to operate a small-scale dairy, like I am, need not go through the planning department.

If my facility were all agricultural or commercial, there would not need to be a "wall of separation." The state Department of Health does not require one. The only reason I need one is that the processing of agricultural products on farm changes the classification of the use in Routt County, which then requires a firewall because part of the operation is commercial and part is agricultural. 

In Elkstone Farms' case, they needed a firewall to separate the wash room from the agricultural application. Personally, it is all agricultural and should not require the economic and environmental expense that is required. 

John Weibel

Routt County

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