John Morrison: Think critically about gay Olympic athletes |

John Morrison: Think critically about gay Olympic athletes

John Morrison

I was not surprised at the Dec. 20 Rob Douglas commentary slamming President Barack Obama for appointing openly gay delegates to the U.S. delegation for the 2014 Olympics.

Anyone who has read his diatribes knows that he will grasp any opportunity to slam Obama. This also appears to be the penchant of this paper's new editorial board. What is disappointing is the consistent lack of critical analysis that pervades the conservative specious brew that is persistently served by this paper.

The Olympic delegation issue is not a matter of "sexual identity politics" as Douglas argues. It is clearly, first and foremost, a civil liberty issue. Based on Douglas's view, if this were the 1930s — no Catholic, black or Jew (or other non-Aryan) would qualify for appointment as a U.S. delegate to the Olympics in Germany. But then again Obama would not have been president.

Welcome to the new order, Douglas. Bigotry of any kind, regardless of its object, is reprehensible and should be challenged wherever and whenever possible — even by presidential appointment.

John W. Morrison

Steamboat Springs

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