John F. Russell: Wearing my team’s colors |

John F. Russell: Wearing my team’s colors

— I'm not the type of sports fan that wears my allegiances on my sleeve — or my body.

Sure it's cool to see a stadium full of fans dressed in their favorite player's jersey, and I understand that players jerseys are more popular than ever. It's just not my style.

Personally, I have a problem dropping big money for a jersey with my favorite player's name on the back.

What happens when that player decides to pack his bags and leave town?

I still wonder how many fans wasted good money on their LeBron James jersey's and how many of those jerseys were reduced to ashes when the NBA star announced he was headed to the warmer climate of Miami.

I'm sure the King James fashion trend suffered the same fate in that town as parachute pants, moon boots and bell-bottom jeans did in the rest of the world.

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But Cleveland isn't the only town that has suffered a sports-induced fashion crises.

I passed through a shopping mall in Denver last week on my way back to Steamboat Springs, and I saw more than a few confused Denver Nuggets fans who refused to hide their Carmelo Anthony jerseys in the back of a closet and one poor fellow who simply refused to give up his Jay Cutler jersey.

Talk about fashion faux pas.

I've never purchased my favorite player's jersey. Sure, I've wanted to buy one, but it simply didn't fit my style — or my budget.

I'm not sure it counts, but a few years back when the Broncos won their first Super Bowl, I bought a couple of championships T-shirts. These days, those shirts are normally in the back of my closet unless I'm cleaning out the garage or painting my house.

I'm happy to say my lack of fashion sense doesn't make me any less of a fan. This summer, I plan to attend a couple of Colorado Rockies games at Coors Field, and whenever possible, I'll be parked in my La-Z-Boy watching the team on TV. If I was a little more trendy, I would watch the games, propped up in my chair wearing my Rockies jersey. I just don't own one.

I grew up a Broncos fan, and despite my frustration with the team's lack of playoff appearances, their choice of Josh McDaniels as head coach and their steady decline during the past decade, I'm still a fan deep down.

But you never will find me strolling down the street in blue and orange. Those colors just don't do a thing for my eyes.

Sure, there are lots of fans who love wearing their team's colors, and that's good for them.

I'm not one of those fans. But that won't keep me from cheering for my favorite teams, celebrating when my team wins that big game or supporting my favorite players. I just will not be doing it in a jersey made by Adidas or Reebok.

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