John F. Russell: Coors Field ballpark a place to make memories |

John F. Russell: Coors Field ballpark a place to make memories

— I love the feeling I get every time I walk into Coors Field.

For some reason, hot dogs smell a little better, the cheese on top of my nachos tastes a little sweeter, and the views simply take my breath away every time I see them.

I'm not a season ticket holder, but our family tries to take in a few Rockies games every year. But for some reason, every time I take a seat anywhere in the stadium, I feel right at home.

It makes me wonder why I don't make the trip to Denver more often during the season just to take in the atmosphere that surrounds a professional baseball game. Then I realize this is going to be another disappointing season for the team and that the TV is a whole lot cheaper form of torture.

But it really doesn't matter if the Rockies win or lose — the thrill of going to the ballpark never seems to fade for me.

I love everything about watching baseball and going to see the game live. I love the way the scoreboard pulls the crowd into the game and the silly traditions of the seventh-inning stretch.

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I love the way the crowd builds at the start of every game as I walk around the stadium long before the first pitch crosses home plate.

This season, I didn't know if I was going to be able to visit Coors Field, and I feared that our family tradition of going to at least one game every year might end.

But sometimes, you just have to make things happen, so this weekend, I will head to Denver with my children in tow hoping that they will develop my same love for going to the ballpark.

I'm hoping that this year's dismal Rockies will find a way to win a game, but after watching the games on television, I'm not going to be placing any bets.

It doesn't really matter that Todd Helton and Troy Tulowitzki are out with injuries.

I grew up in an era of minor league baseball in Colorado. As a child, I watched major league hopefuls making their bids for a part in the big show on Denver's minor league teams. It's not the score or the players that bring me to the ballpark; I simply like hanging out at with thousands of other baseball fans who enjoy the same things.

I still hold onto found memories of going to watch the Denver Bears and the Zephyrs with my dad when I was a child. I can't tell you who won any of the games, and I've forgotten many of the players on those teams, but the things I remember will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Things like the smell of the hot dogs, the taste of the nachos and the way I lost my breath every time I took a seat to watch the game.

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