Joel Reichenberger: Season may be slipping |

Joel Reichenberger: Season may be slipping

— You know something's wrong when it's the middle of January and I haven't set foot in the Stoker Bar and Restaurant.

It's the middle of January, and I can count on one hand the number of après ski beers I've had.

It's the middle of January, and I've not yet ordered every item on the Slopeside Grill menu.

It's the middle of January, and I've skied maybe six times — and three of those were quick dashes for work, the vast majority of my time spent clinging to the icy pitch of Voo Doo documenting freestyle skiing competitions.

I'm a creature of motivation, and this year, the motivation to go skiing simply hasn't been there.

Surely, the snow is to blame. I've never been a pressing-glass kind of guy — could I sound any lazier in this column? — but I like ample snow cover as much as the next local.

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On the other hand, the slow winter has been great news for my condo — it's not sparkling yet, but I've tackled more tasks this winter than I have in nearly two years living there.

It doesn't really matter what's to blame or what the side benefits might be. The fact is, I can feel winter slipping away, and as great as it might be to rip decades of wallpaper from my walls or to join those mountain biking on Emerald, skiing is my favorite single aspect of living here, and I want to do more of it.

I can feel winter slipping away, just as the summer did after the slow, cold spring did by squelching my early season ambition.

Still, all's not lost, not for me or anyone else still sitting in single digits. A drop-in last week at Azteca Taqueria — a major beneficiary of my in-town attitude — revealed that more than 90 days still remain this season. My chances at hitting the century mark in Steamboat are gone, but there's plenty left to be skied and explored.

It's going to be tough, though.

It's easy sitting at a keyboard to reflect on these shortcomings. It's a bit more difficult when I'm staring a day off in the face.

I'll use the days to refine my skiing, hopefully finally sticking to the "keep them parallel" theory, even in cruddy terrain. I'll use them to ski what's open and what's nice, and to learn to ski better on what's open and not nice.

And, dang it, I'll order some nachos and pizza.

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