Joel Reichenberger: Advice well taken |

Joel Reichenberger: Advice well taken

— I used to work at a newspaper that had an online message board that was but a fraction as active as ours at There was only one somewhat active ongoing discussion, and it was about movies.

One of the few people who did regularly comment made an argument one day against, if I recall, "No Country for Old Men."

"I wish Hollywood made more really good movies, ya know, like Wild Hogs," he wrote.

To refresh your memory, "Wild Hogs" came out in 2007 and starred Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy. They were in a motorcycle gang.

The previews looked so putrid, it had never crossed my mind to see it.

I was surprised anyone liked it, but far more surprised anyone might hold it up as the standard Hollywood should strive for.

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Still, I did wonder, and soon enough I watched "Wild Hogs."

It was about 98 percent as bad as I expected.

A few months ago, I came across some online comment section about Steamboat Ski Area. One commenter, over a string of what I now remember being 100 comments, talked about Christmas Tree Bowl, how wonderful it was and how much he wished he were there at that moment.

I'd never skied Christmas Tree Bowl. I don't do a lot of double black diamond runs, but I've done some. I hit East Face and North St. Pat's a few times a year and have skied all the chutes.

Christmas Tree Bowl always seemed to me like a spot on the way to one of those runs. I'd never worried for a second that I hadn't skied it.

But then I saw this guy's comments, and, as with "Wild Hogs," I couldn't help but wonder what I was missing out on.

When the powder days of early last week came on, I was burnt out on skiing. Done. Toast.

I was seduced by a warm March and dreaming of biking Mount Werner, not skiing it. But I reluctantly agreed with a friend to try to hit one final powder day Tuesday, and we stumbled past Christmas Tree Bowl.

It was a great day, and one of the reasons it turned out so great for me is because for about the 100,000th time, I realized there's so much on the mountain to explore on skis or snowboards, and it's hard to ever do it all.

We skied Christmas Tree Bowl on Tuesday, and it was awesome. It had a great steep pitch at the top that's always fun no matter how poorly I ski it. And I had more fun than I ever have making my way back to the Storm Peak Express chairlift. We found ourselves in groves of trees that we somehow didn't know existed, following winding trails we'd never considered.

Tuesday gave me the boost I needed for the end of the ski season, thanks in large part to a great day in Christmas Tree Bowl.

It was an experience that, shockingly, turned out way better than my watching of "Wild Hogs."

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