Joe Meglen: Protect citizen’s rights |

Joe Meglen: Protect citizen’s rights

Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush kicked off her 2014 election campaign with a self-serving "op-ed" filled with feel good platitudes, professing a desire to work across the aisle during this year's legislative session to develop "common sense" public policy.

Rep. Mitsch Bush, along with too many politicians like her, doesn't understand that government's fundamental reason for existing is to protect the rights of the citizens, not to develop "public policy" or tell citizens which rights they may exercise. Rep. Mitsch Bush's article did not address her voting record during her first term, so as we approach mid-term elections in 2014, it is important to review our "representative's" not-so-bipartisan track record to date

She voted for SB 13-252, raising renewable mandates on rural electric cooperatives. The impact of SB 252 will be especially devastating to rural Colorado residents who already have experienced electric rate increases that are double the national average since 2004. Tri-State G&T studies estimate that SB 13-252 will result in rate increases of at least 64 percent and the loss of 29,000 jobs.

She supported and promoted Amendment 66, which if it had passed, would have resulted in the largest tax increase in Colorado history. Fortunately, informed voters overwhelmingly rejected this big government collectivist money grab.

She was a co-sponsor for SB 33 authorizing in state tuition for illegal aliens.

She was co-sponsor for HB 13-1303 allowing same-day voter registration, which assures rampant voter fraud.

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She was rated 10 percent by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers.

A special highlight, in spite of giving her sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, she betrayed her oath by voting for the unconstitutional HB-1224, HB-1226 along with HB-1229 gun control laws. This was a direct attack on the Second Amendment, the Constitution and the principles upon which the United States were founded. Those that enact unconstitutional gun control laws are attempting to overthrow the Constitution.

It is time for Colorado residents to focus on the 2014 mid-term elections and make the commitment to replace any elected official, no matter the party affiliation, that has been involved in destroying America in the name of money, power and control.

Just look at what 100-plus years of big government, anti-Constitutional collectivism has done to our country. It is time to resurrect freedom and restore the Constitutional Republic envisioned by the founders.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents together can make a great start locally by only voting for candidates that are socially tolerant, fiscally conservative and support smaller constitutional government. When they swear a sacred oath to uphold the Constitution, they must mean it. Our current "representative" does not qualify.

Joe Meglen

Steamboat Springs

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