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Joe Meglen: Gun control laws

Joe Meglen

In spite of giving her sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution when she took office, Colorado House District 26 Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush voted "yes" to support the Democrat Party-sponsored unconstitutional gun control bills. Rep. Mitsch Bush either doesn't understand the Constitution or is among those who consider it a quaint old document from an earlier time written by old dead white men who couldn't understand how modern civilization might change.

This is the mantra taught in our public school system, which collectivists/socialists/statists have controlled for several generations. Our government-controlled school system purposely fails to teach the concept of self-ownership, natural laws, freedom and individual sovereignty. These are the principles upon which the states and our nation were founded. W. Cleon Skousen's "The 5,000 Year Leap" is an excellent introduction to these principles and should be mandatory reading for all students. It is not required reading because government does not want its "subjects" to understand the principles of freedom and the strict limits that are placed upon government.

Rep. Mitsch Bush's vote for gun control is an unlawful attack on the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment doesn't give citizens the right to defend themselves and their families from all threats, including threats from a tyrannical government. The Second Amendment simply memorializes the fact that free people, by their birth, are born with this right. Free people do not need permission from government, their agents, to defend themselves. Without the Second Amendment there is no Constitution, which is the real point of government-sponsored gun control laws.

There is a lawful way to pass gun control laws — an amendment to the Constitution. By voting for the unconstitutional gun control bills, Rep. Mitsch Bush far exceeded her authority. She betrayed her constituents, her state, her country and her sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. We now have a "representative" for the 26th District who either doesn't understand the Constitution or doesn't care about it. Elections have consequences. During the next election cycle, Mitsch Bush deserves to be fired for cause. Our next House District 26 representative should be a person with a healthy respect for the rule of law.

Joe Meglen

Steamboat Springs

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