Joe Meglen: Good riddance |

Joe Meglen: Good riddance

Anti-Second Amendment Colorado Sen. Hudak resigned last Wednesday rather than face a recall election, which she was certain to lose. As a reminder, during hearings that were supposed to address the merits of the Democrat Party's gun control legislation, Sen. Hudak would stand up, turn her back and walk out of the room when testimony did not support the bill.

The Democrats who control the Legislature passed the unconstitutional gun control bills in spite of overwhelming opposition by Colorado residents and the Rule of Law. It was also Sen. Hudak who brilliantly told Amanda Collins that a gun wouldn't have helped her when she was attacked and raped at gunpoint in a "gun-free" zone at the University of Nevada-Reno. Hudak now joins her "progressive," i.e., collectivist comrades, ex-state Sen. Angela Giron and ex-Senate President John Morse, who were tossed out of office earlier this year. Good riddance.

Washington, D.C., is hopelessly corrupt. There is no possibility that electing the right people and sending them to D.C. will fix things from the top down. If the damage inflicted by 100 years of the "progressive" era is to be fixed, it must be cured from the bottom up. Getting rid of Morse, Giron and Hudak in Colorado is a good start.

Real progress can be made by tossing out Sen. Mark Udall and our own anti-Second Amendment "Representative" Diane Mitsch Bush in the 2014 elections. Sen. Michael Bennett should be fired for cause in 2016.

Joe Meglen

Steamboat Springs

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