Joe Meglen: Antithesis of freedom |

Joe Meglen: Antithesis of freedom

Prior to the government's unconstitutional encroachment into the medical field, the free market provided health care at a price that the vast majority of Americans could afford. Abundant charitable sources provided medical care for those that could not afford it.

Thousands of government tax policies and regulations have produced a collectivist health care system that provides incentives for individuals to transfer the burden of their individual health care onto everyone else. Once the collective comes to think that health care is a right that somebody else is paying for, there is no restraint. Every health issue then falls within this right and must be attended to.

Absent the efficiencies of the free market, costs have skyrocketed and access has diminished. The government is the cause of the cost and diminished access of health care.

The additional crushing government regulations spawned by the misnamed "Affordable" Care Act result in even higher costs and lower quality health care for everyone, with the exception of Congress, President Barack Obama and the special interest groups that own the government. The ruling elite have exempted themselves.

The "Affordable" Care Act, dubbed Obamacare, is the antithesis of freedom and the principles upon which our country was founded. Sadly, a large minority of Americans accept their enslavement without protest.

Joe Meglen

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