Jody and Michael Condie: Who you gonna call? |

Jody and Michael Condie: Who you gonna call?

Jody and Michael Condie

When the creek overflows into your living room, who you gonna call? I thought I was prepared for a potential flood situation (having resided on Butcherknife Creek for 27 years), but I truly was at a loss standing in cold, ankle-deep water, so I called 911. Steamboat Springs Police Department officer Kiel Petkoff responded immediately, helping remove personal possessions and contacting the city Public Works department for sand and bags. But he didn't stop there. He called fellow off-duty police officers, who successfully diverted the water off the property back into the creek and then broke up ice dams into the late night hours. He called Ian Frazier, Ecos Environmental & Disaster Restoration and crew, who pumped out water, dried floors and walls, broke up ice dams along the creek and delivered sodden Persian rugs for cleaning. My new neighbor, Ursula, continued breaking up ice dams for the next couple days while I bagged sand.

I commented to officer Petkoff, "Bet you didn't expect to be breaking up ice dams at midnight." He responded, "That's my job, to serve the community."

Members of this community made a difference saving my home, for which my husband and I are very, very grateful.

Jody and Michael Condie

Steamboat Springs

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