Jo Semotan: Vote in election |

Jo Semotan: Vote in election

So many things are necessary to American life — water, shelter, consumer goods of all shapes and sizes and of course, electricity. Without it, our lives would be a great deal less comfortable and profitable. I know because my mother was willing to go door to door to raise money to supply electricity to Routt County’s rural ranches. She was so very, very happy the day “the lights came on.” Life became much easier for my family in many ways. Most of us have never had to live without electricity, and it makes you think.

If you expect Yampa Valley Electric Association to provide that comfort and increased profitability, you need to exercise your voice and your vote for your Board of Directors. If you are unable to attend the annual meeting June 18 to find out what is happening at YVEA, be sure to mail in your ballot, which accompanies the annual report, no later than June 17.

Yes, I am a candidate for District 6. I am, through this letter, encouraging you to use your vote. As I talk with people about this important election, it pains me when I hear, “I don’t know any of the candidates, and I never vote for someone I don’t know.” Please take the time to find out what you can about the candidates. Biographies are available in the YVEA Annual Report included with your ballot.

Times are changing; our world is in crisis in many ways. Coal is still king in our electric area, with two coal-fueled power plants, but that may not always be so. Oil, gas and coal are not perpetual sources of electric energy. Wind still is expensive and water power is not being further developed at this time. Turbine systems are expensive and neither dams nor nuclear power are popular options.

I am sure you are aware of these issues. At present, we are a spoiled U.S. citizenship, and we have it good. We have a tendency to drag our feet when looking toward the needs of the future. Our resources may not diminish in our lifetimes, but electrical dependence and costs will continue to go up. It is these issues, along with concern for the next generation and the huge changes on the way, which so vitally interest me and encourage me to continue to be involved with my local electric cooperative.

So study up on your candidates and please vote. Thanks.

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