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Jim Winter: The Christian vote

How might a Christian vote for U.S. president in 2012?

First, a Christian is someone who accepts and tries to live by the beliefs and teachings of the Holy Bible.

President Barack Obama endorses same-sex marriage, which defies the Holy Bible. Mitt Romney is a declared Mormon. The Mormon church has a checkered past but its website affirms both the Holy Bible (written by hundreds of authors guided by God) and the Book of Mormon (written by one man, Joseph Smith). I believe that the Book of Mormon, even though it is said to affirm the Holy Bible, merely muddies the water.

I see us with one candidate who is clearly not a Christian and one candidate who may be but is not clearly Christian. Therefore, a Christian does not have a clear choice of supporting a Christian candidate. With a significant majority of U.S. citizens claiming to be Christian, this is a warning call. For Christians, it is time to unite and be heard.

So, lacking a clearly Christian candidate, how might a Christian vote? I believe that we should reflect on the qualities that made the United States a great nation originally: the demand for individual freedom, the insistence on equal rights, the nurturing of individual spirit, bold acceptance of individual responsibility by all citizens and the expectation that hard work and determination would yield rewards.

How have we deteriorated to become a nation whose citizens expect to be cared for by their government from cradle to grave? How have we yielded our freedom to a government that regulates our every move? This has happened because politicians have used our own tax money as bait to lure us to dependency.

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We must get back on the path that led to greatness. Which candidate do you feel can at least start nudging us in the right direction? For me, that candidate is Mitt Romney. Who knows, maybe he will one day become clearly Christian.

Jim Winter

Steamboat Springs

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