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Jim Boyne: Off-snow success

At the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, we aim to produce "champions" on and off the mountain. Many of our athletes have the dream of Olympic and podium-level success, but it is the lifelong impact the club has on an athlete that is the ultimate goal and source of pride for us.

During the years of training with the SSWSC, an athlete's on-snow successes are celebrated; each correct turn, backflip, podium win and show of sportsmanship is a small moment of success. But when an athlete takes what they learned while in the club and applies it to their future goals, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club truly can take pride in that athlete.

Former SSWSC member Cassady Daley is an example of an athlete who is applying the values and life skills developed at the SSWSC to make a difference far from her snowy hometown (See Cassady's letter below).

Cassady, you are a true champion, and you have made us and the entire community of Steamboat Springs proud.

Dear loving community of Ski Town USA, Steamboat Springs,

My name is Cassady Daley. I am a homegrown girl from the wonderful place that we all call home. The beauty of the town and the community are something to recognize and cherish, which I have since leaving and expanding my roots across the globe. At age 20, I have many aspirations for my future. I give credit not only to my loving and wonderful parents, Gretchen Donnan-Daley and Peter Daley, but to the place I was raised.

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I have developed my work ethic and drive from my many years as a Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Alpine ski racing athlete. The program developed my skills of time management, perseverance, focus and independence. As a student at Montana State University, I have had great success for my first 2 1/2 years in the sustainable foods and bioenergy systems program.

Aside from my formal education, I have taken the best opportunity while being in a university: studying abroad. Currently, I am in Ghana taking classes through the Food and Nutrition Department and Agriculture Department. Along with my studies, I am volunteering at The African Child Vision 2020 organization, http://www.africanchildgh.org.

African Child takes children who are on the streets and provides a quality education for them. My work with the organization is something new not only for me but for the organization. I am creating a garden at the school where I will teach students ages 15 and younger how to work the soil, water, plant, harvest and prepare foods from it. Our garden will allow the children to have access and knowledge to and about healthy foods to combine with traditional meals and staples. Once our program is implemented successfully, we intend to lay plans for it to continue in the future.

If you want any more information or would like to offer contributions including funds for materials such as watering cans, seeds, weeders, hoes, forks to turn the soil or possible ideas. please email me at cassadyski@gmail.com.

Let it snow!

— Cassady

The support the club gives to an athlete does not stop when their training in snow sports ends. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and we hope that Cassady finds support in the community for her endeavors as she branches out and makes her own impact on the world.

Jim Boyne

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club executive director

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