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Jim Berry: Be fair to Wiggins

Last Friday's Steamboat Today showed an interesting contrast between the thoughtful Rob Douglas editorial and the outraged letters to the editor regarding Sheriff Wiggins' position on Colorado's new gun laws. Perhaps if the letter writers had had an opportunity to read the editorial first, they might have thought out their comments more carefully.

I personally see no realistic need for high-capacity magazines. However, with the way the new law is written, I see no possibility of their disappearance. This law's only benefit is in assuaging the feelings of the legislature's constituents and, thus, it's a feel-good law only. The same applies to the other new laws. All five of the letter writers had assumed that the new laws were good ones, and they had been enjoying the feel-good phase of these politically inspired laws. Understandably, they now are frustrated when an individual with law enforcement knowledge and experience has the courage to explain to them why their new pet laws won't work.

Perhaps some of us should be more concerned about background checks on our legislative candidates before stepping next time into the voting booth. So, let's stop trying to kill the messenger and concentrate on who created such impractical laws. Let's recognize that higher officialdom is the real problem here, and not the local sheriff. We all want workable solutions to an existing problem, but let's be fair with a sheriff who does a good job, is practical about what can be realistically accomplished and has the courage to explain his views to the public.

Jim Berry


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