Jenette Settle: Problem is dog owners |

Jenette Settle: Problem is dog owners

Dear editor,

Way to go dog owners!

You have caused the separation of a cow elk from her calves. The calves are unaccounted for, and odds are that they will not survive. The cow has been tranquilized and relocated to the Flat Tops, lactating, missing her calves and not a clue to what just happened to her and her offspring.

And all because you took your unleashed dogs into a closed area.

I have talked to animal control, the Department of Wildlife, parks and recreation and to the police department.

Here is how it went down: The DOW closed the trail hoping the elk and her calves would move on. When she did not, and now knowing she was a risk to trespassers with dogs off leash, they felt they had to protect those idiots. The city park and rec department supported the closing of that trail to protect those idiots. The elk showed aggression to unleashed dogs barking at her.

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So to the police department and animal control: Why were these people allowed to enter a closed area and why were they not ticketed for trespassing and having dogs at large? I was told that you did not have the manpower. Was issuing parking tickets more important than protecting the thoughtless and clueless?

I sit on the Park and Recreation Board, and as of today, know that I will always stand in favor of enforcing our city-ordained leash laws if it ever comes before the board again. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can call for my resignation by contacting any of the names listed below.

However, if you are fed up with dog owners letting their dogs run loose, chase and threaten wildlife, poop irresponsibly, act aggressively toward people, you can call any of our city leaders (John Overstreet, director of park and recreation, Bart Kounovsky, City Council president, Deb Hinsvark, city manager, and Joel Rae, chief of police) and encourage them to direct our law enforcement officers to ticket dog owners not in compliance with our laws.

We have the laws protecting wildlife and people. We need those laws enforced.

Jenette Settle

Steamboat Springs

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