Jeff Troeger: Dangerous words |

Jeff Troeger: Dangerous words

Jeff Troeger

I thought Eugene Buchanan's "Ski with a pocket radar gun" column, although funny in a "Jackass" sort of way, was over the line.

It's already a dangerous year at the mountain with little snow, a rock-hard base and lots of surprises. I don't think publicizing and glamorizing a technology (at a ski area yet) that encourages dangerously excessive speed and selfish indifference to the safety of others is a good idea. My guess is Ski Patrol wasn't amused Friday morning.

People, of course, will find out about the app through friends, social networking and the Internet. But the Pilot & Today doesn't need to accelerate the viral process.

Or maybe the article hit me wrong because I twisted my back and can't ski right now. And yes, when I'm better, I'll fire up my Ski Tracks app, see what it says and try to resist its implied message to go further and ever faster.

Jeff Troeger

Steamboat Springs

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