Jeanie Peterson: In praise of Taylor |

Jeanie Peterson: In praise of Taylor

I would like to take this opportunity to praise state Sen. Jack Taylor for again stepping forward to assist another of his constituents in our district.

A serious issue arose that prompted me to call Taylor after every avenue I took to resolve my problem resulted in a bureaucratic wall. Not only were my calls returned personally by Taylor, he took valuable time to research the core of this enigma and act.

There is a campaign ad that states that Taylor is away from his constituents too much and spends excessive time in his Denver office. I can assure you that statement is far from accurate and know from personal account that his concerns for all of us in District 8 are genuine.

Too often, people hesitate to call on their political representatives, thinking those representatives are too busy, involved in “politics,” or simply don’t care about the trivial everyday issues in our society. This is not the mode of operation of our state senator. All contact information for his offices, in and out of the area, is available, and he takes his responsibilities to all of us quite seriously. He has served us very well and will continue to place our priorities in high regard.

District 8 is a vast area containing versatile communities with Western Slope interests at the top of the agenda. I feel very fortunate that we have this man as sentinel.

Jeanie Peterson

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