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Jail Report for Aug. 10 to 16, 2013

Jail Report

The following is a list of people booked into Routt County Jail on suspicion of the listed charges. The arresting agency is listed in parentheses.

Saturday, Aug. 10

Kevin D. Beck, 37 — DUI (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

Michael J. Renwick, 59 — weaving, revocation of license, DUI, violation of bail bond (Routt County Sheriff's Office)

Timothy D. Watkins, 55 — DUI, speeding (Colorado State Patrol)

Sunday, Aug. 11

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Mytina L. Eckhaus, 25 — third-degree assault (SSPD)

Clatus K. Benson, 46 — harassment (SSPD)

Nicholas W. Huyser, 30 — reckless driving, DUI, hitting an unattended car, reckless driving (SSPD)

Diego M. Sedillo, 24 — DUI, speeding, driving under revocation/suspension/denial (CSP)

Monday, Aug. 12

Jose A. Hernandez-Marquez, 23 — fugitive of justice, open alcohol beverage container, driving without valid driver’s license, DUI, DUI per se (SSPD)

Tuesday, Aug. 13

Camille E. Bucci, 22 — violation of protection order (SSPD)

Shane A. Kailing, 27 — second-degree assault, third-degree criminal trespassing, first-degree burglary (Hayden Police Department)

Jacob M. Preston, 23 — violation of protection order (SSPD)

Nathan D. Smith, 22 — failure to appear in court (CSP)

Wednesday, Aug. 14

Taylor C. Branstetter, 21 — speeding, weaving, failure to obey traffic signal, DUI, DUI per se, open alcohol beverage container (SSPD)

Daniel M. Keach, 26 — harassment, criminal mischief (RCSO)

Saul K. Reisman, 24 — reckless driving, speeding (CSP)

Katherine M. Schaeffer, 31 — failure to appear in court (SSPD)

William F. Thurber, 26 — failed to register as sex offender (RCSO)

David M. Weaver, 26 — fugitive of justice (RCSO)

Thursday, Aug. 15

Mason K. Woolley, 20 — failure to appear in court (SSPD)

Nicholas W. Huyser, 30 — violation of bail bond, violation of protection order (SSPD)

Friday, Aug. 16

Philip Pagliaro, 44 — violation of protection order (SSPD)

Christopher M. Wahl, 52 — DUI, DUI per se, driving under restraint, not wearing protective eyewear while driving motorcycle, failure to stop at a stop sign (SSPD)

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